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Sewage Backup Connecticut: Keeping Your Kids Away from the Septic Tank

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on July 14, 2014 in category: Sewage Backup


The state of Connecticut sure does have some beautiful old homes, and many of these properties have septic tanks versus being on the city’s sewer line. And like anything else in the world, septic tanks can malfunction and require cleanup and repairs performed by licensed sewage backup Connecticut companies trained to safely remediate the issue without cross contamination other areas of the property.

Believe it or not, but when you ask the best sewage backup Connecticut company what some of the major challenges are to keeping the work site secured, they will tell you that keeping your kids away from the area is common problem. Let’s face it, kids find “open poop pits” funny, and often they will poke the sewage with sticks, toss in random objects and even dare each other to jump the open tank. Here are some stories that parents have told their children to scare them away form the open septic tanks, so enjoy and may these stories give you ideas of your own in the event you find yourself with an open septic tank in your yard undergoing repairs.

Gateway to Hell

Andy, a dentist from Bridgeport and father of two boys aged 8 and 10 told his sons to stay away from the septic tank because it was an open portal to hell.  You would think that the fact it is raw sewage would scare them away, but boys will be boys. Instead Andy explained that “poop devils” live in there and will try to grab little boys and pull them in making them slaves to devils for all eternity. Needless to say Andy’s boys stayed away from the site and stayed away from the sewage backup Connecticut technicians who were able to get the job completed the following day.

Threat of Eternal Stench

Paul, an electrician from New Haven told his 9-year-old twin sons that if they touch the sewage it will forever stain them and make them smell bad for life. He explained that no soap could clean them and they would have no friends at school, they could never eat out in restaurants, take family trips to Disney World, or have wives when they grow up. The boys had been splashing rocks in the septic tank and refused to stay away. Fed up and desperate for peace and quiet, Paul decided to spin this tall tale and, sure enough, his boys stayed away from the work site with no more shenanigans.

Parenting 101

Some parents like to use good old-fashioned parenting and administer spankings or send their kids to bed early with no dinner. Others like to have a spot of fun while scaring their kids to stay away from the septic tank. If your parenting style is to have a yarn with your kids and make up a tall tale, we hope these stories churned your creative juices!


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