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Flooded Basement Hartford, CT

Flooded basement emergencies must be dealt with quickly and that is why 911 Restoration Connecticut is always here 24/7 to spring into swift action and perform immediate water damage restoration solutions. Our flooded basement Hartford company is staffed by the best restoration techs in the restoration business performing fast water damage restoration services to all local homes and businesses with no notice. Our same-day service is guaranteed because we feel very passionate towards protecting all homes and businesses in our amazing city. Hartford is the state capital and is called the “insurance capital of the world” because of the numerous insurance companies housed in the area. It is one of the oldest cities in the United States, as it was founded over 400 years ago. 911 Restoration Connecticut is extremely proud of our city’s history and when you call our flooded basement Hartford team you can do so with confidence with the knowledge that the quality of the work will reflect the high standards of the surrounding area. If your basement floods due to a rain storm or you have a pipe burst and don’t know who to call, phone us up and we will respond within 45 minutes of your call!

Who do I Contact in the event of a Pipe Burst?

If you have a burst pipe, call our flooded basement Hartford company. Before you phone us up you will want to stop the flow of water by closing or shutting off the water line. While we speed over to your home, move valuables and other items to a more dry area of the residence. When our flooded basement Hartford specialists get there we will perform a free inspection before we begin to pump out water from your basement. Once we have made the needed plumbing repairs and we restore your basement using the latest drying technology we will also instruct you how to avoid a future burst pipe from occurring again. Some of the common causes for a pipe burst in your flooded basement include:

  • Rust buildup
  • Flushing bulky objects down your toilet
  • Mineral buildup as a result of hard water
  • Outdated pipes and fixtures (clay or cast iron)
  • Leaking pipes

Our flooded basement Hartford company can also help with ruptured hoses, a toilet overflow, leaks, washer burst, fire sprinkler malfunctions, and water heater problems. We not only work on flooded basements, but we can also help with the crawl space, carpets, or any room of the house. We perform expert water extractions to ensure all moisture is removed because we value professionalism and we insist the quality of our work reflect our good name. If you have a flooded basement for any reason at all, give our 911 Restoration team a call and we will even file your homeowner’s insurance claim with your insurance!

Is a Flooded Basement Covered by my Homeowner’s Insurance?

Most flooded basement disasters are covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy so long as no negligence is involved, and our flooded basement Hartford team is on call day and night to file your claim and perform emergency water removal services with no notice needed! According to research done by the Insurance Information Institute any water damage to your basement would likely be denied in a claim if negligence is proved. For example, neglected pipe leaks or broken sump pumps may cause the insurer to reject the claim. Our flooded basement Hartford team knows that these things can happen so we offer an affordable price to everyone so all may have a safe and sanitary home to live in. Give us a call now and, after we restore your basement,  we will then teach you just how to prevent a flooded basement from happening ever again!

How can I Prevent a Flooded Basement

The most effective way to prevent a flooded basement is to install sump pumps and weatherproof your walls, according to our flooded basement experts. Sump pumps pool the water as it comes into the basement and sends it safely away from the home. Another important preventative measure is to keep your gutters and downspouts clean and directed at least five feet from your home. You should also install a sewage backflow valve to prevent sewage backup. Additionally, you should perform all routine and necessary maintenance on your home as soon as you notice an issue. If you find your basement flooding, turn off the water line and call our flooded basement Hartford pros right away because we work extremely closely with the city of Hartford and strive to respond very quickly to every flooded basement scenario in the city. We always put the client first, and we value professionalism, so call us immediately and let our techs rescue your home from water damage and the threat of mold!

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