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Water Damage Restoration Connecticut

Property owners living in Connecticut know just how destructive the weather can be to homes and businesses in the city, especially during the summer and winter months with tornadoes, floods, blizzards, and nor’easters.

Pros Removing Debris To Street DumpsterWith plenty of experience and an unyielding stance on customer service, 911 Restoration of Connecticut is the restoration company you can trust to fully recover your property after it has been affected by a flood, ceiling leak, or any other disaster.

Not only do the water damage restoration technicians work tirelessly to get your property looking better than new, but the professionals put your needs first by offering you around the clock customer service.

Even when winter settles in and rain and snow take effect, the repair workers will be on your property within 45 minutes, ready to begin restoration efforts. 911 Restoration of Connecticut is prepared to react on a moment’s notice because we know the importance of removing moisture from the property as soon as possible.

The water extraction professionals are available 24/7/365, so you can literally call us any time to schedule an appointment. 911 Restoration offers free visual inspections for property owners, so you never have to hesitate to reach out to us.

On top of water damage restoration, you can count on 911 Restoration to provide thorough mold removal services. Quick water mitigation services are the key to getting your building back before mold spreads. Stagnant water causes previously dormant mold spores to flourish into a full-blown infestation, which can then affect both property and the health of property owner.

Prolonged exposure to mold inhalation can cause those breathing in the substance to begin experiencing symptoms that can feel similar to allergies. This may include coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat, and respiratory problems. It is important to reach out to the water damage restoration agents even if you don’t see mold but merely discover a water leak, because water leads to mold, fungi and mildew growth.

The mold removal technicians will sanitize your home in a short amount of time and inspect all the corners for your property to ensure that no trace of fungi goes unmitigated. So, call 911 Restoration Connecticut when you experience a basement flood or discover mold in your house and their technicians will assist you with whatever restoration services you need.

24 Hour Emergency Water Cleanup Services

It doesn’t matter what time you need the help of the water damage restoration specialists, and they will be ready to spring into action whether it is morning, noon, or late at night. During the initial inspection of the property, the flood cleanup company will take note of all the water mitigation and mold removal services that need to be implemented, ensuring that they fully restore the property.

A Flooded Home In ConnecticutThe water damage restoration professionals use top of the line equipment that includes air movers, dehumidifiers, wet vacs, vapor barriers, and sump pumps. The repair workers make sure to arrive dressed in the proper gear as well, just in case they end up discovering an infestation and need to conduct mold removal services.

Whether we are working on a commercial or residential water damage cleanup job, gaining control of the water flow is the first thing that needs to take place. In fact, we even suggest that you shut off the main water valve to your property before the technicians arrive. If you are unsure how to do so, then a service representative will guide you through the process.

If a pipe burst causes the flood in your home or business, then turning off the main water line will prevent excess flooding and halt the need for any mold removal services. However, if the water originates from a storm or other outside source, then you should immediately call the water damage restoration professionals to come to start pumping water out as soon as possible.

There are many different kinds of water damage, and the team in Connecticut is trusted to remediate all of them, from flood restoration to kitchen ceiling water damage. Along with treating water damage emergencies, the staff members at 911 Restoration will teach you how to protect your property against future mold infestations and flooding incidents.

It is crucial for property owners to take a proactive role in maintaining their home and business throughout the year. Not only will this help to prevent the need for water damage restoration and mold removal services, but if an incident does occur, you can easily prove to your insurance provider that negligence was not at fault.

If you have a question about a water leak in your basement or if your small business has overcome by a flood, call the water damage restoration team today!

Who Do You Call When Your Basement Is Flooded?

911 Restoration of Connecticut received a memorable call from a customer whose basement had flooded due to extreme snowmelt after a massive winter storm has passed through. She was distraught because she could not figure out the source of the water leak in the basement and was worried the carpet would be ruined.

Water Damage Restoration Van On A Residential PropertyDue to experience that the water damage restoration specialists possessed, they were able to go right to the source where the water was seeping inside the basement. Within minutes, they stopped the flood and began to remove water from the carpet.

The water damage restoration pros pride themselves on being able to tackle these types of issues and love being able to show customers that any situation can be turned into a fresh start. With the experienced mold removal team on your side, your property will be fully restored thanks to our vast experience in the industry.

Customers can trust that the Connecticut professionals will act fast when it comes to all water emergencies to limit the damage and save as much of your personal property as possible, including carpets and furniture. We always put our customers first, and by doing so, every customer should feel safe when they hire them knowing that they will do everything necessary to alleviate the situation, including filing your insurance claim.

911 Restoration of Connecticut has been working with all types of insurance companies for as long as we have been in business, so we know how to determine whether or not your policy will cover the repair services. If for any reason you are unsure if your homeowner’s insurance covers water damage or not, you can rest assured that 911 Restoration will always offer affordable prices on all of their services, allowing us to be there for you during this vulnerable time.

911 Restoration of Connecticut is determined to provide each of their customers with a fresh start after they have been impacted by water damage, so call the experts and let us make your property new again today!

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