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Flooded Basement Middlebury, CT

Flooded basement disasters require immediate water extractions which is why 911 Restoration Connecticut and our flooded basement Middlebury company is available 24/7 offering fast same day service. Basements flood for a number of reasons. Plumbing complications such as a pipe burst or a water heater leak can quickly lead to basement flooding, as can rain storms that send water into the basement. When our flooded basement Middlebury team performs water damage restoration services we do so with speed while adhering to the highest levels of accuracy and attention to detail. Our flooded basement Middlebury technicians have a great degree of passion for protecting this special community. With its number of gorgeous 18th century homes protected by the National Register of Historic Places and Quassy Amusement Park (one of the oldest amusement parks in the country) Middlebury is a place that draws homeowners who appreciate living in an area steeped with structural history. As such 911 Restoration Connecticut goes above and beyond to make sure the quality of our flooded basement cleanup services are done to perfection and reflect the high standards locals are accustomed to. If you need to know who to call for a flooded basement look no further and phone us up today!

Who do I call for a Flooded Basement?

When you have a flooded basement you should call 911 Restoration so we can dispatch our certified flooded basement Middlebury team to engage water extractions without delay. We are licensed, insured and bonded to restore flooded basements caused by the following:

  • Ruptured hoses
  • Water heater leak
  • Pipe burst
  • Washer burst
  • Fire sprinkler malfunction
  • Flooding from rain storms or melting snow

Our flooded basement Middlebury team has received comprehensive training and underwent certification programs to be able to provide local homes and businesses with all the restoration services in the industry offered to restore flooded basements. Your basement is a major constructional component of your home and should be protected at all times. Have your basement walls weatherproofed and invest in some sump pumps to keep water out. If this fails and you are dealing with severe water damage call our flooded basement Middlebury team and we will even file your flooded basement claim to your insurance company!

Is a Flooded Basement Covered by my Insurance?

In many cases a flooded basement disaster is covered by your homeowner’s insurance though our flooded basement Middlebury crew members warn that there are circumstances that can make collecting on a claim difficult. For example, according to research compiled by the Insurance Information Institute any weather-based flooding leading to a water-logged basement would be denied by a standard policy but instead covered through a supplemental plan offered by a private insurer or through the National Flood Insurance Program. In addition, any damage perpetuated by homeowner negligence would also likely deny your claim. In other words have your roof inspected, clean your gutters and downspouts, and make sure your plumbing isn’t leaking or outdated. In the event you have an out of pocket expense don’t worry; we work very closely with the town of Middlebury to ensure an affordable price because we want to see every member of our community taken care of and living in a safe and healthy home. Call us today because you deserve the best flooded basement company working hard for you!

What is the Best Flooded Basement Company?

Thanks to our flooded basement Middlebury team we are far above the competition making 911 Restoration the best flooded basement company. We have over 35 years of experience and in that time we have mastered the art and science of flooded basement restoration. We use the latest drying technology to eradicate every last drop of moisture and we offer a free inspection before we start pumping water out so that you can rest assured knowing there are no hidden charges. Finally, we don’t just restore your basement back to its original condition; we make it even better by making it more functional for your family. Call us today and let us treat you like family!

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