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Flooded Basement New Haven, CT

Basement floods are an all too common nuisance for many homeowners, as our flooded basement New Haven company deals with these emergencies on a year round basis. Storms, flood water, rain leaks, plumbing problems and many other issues can all cause a basement to flood. Not only are flooded basements huge inconveniences, if not treated properly and in a timely manner worse problems can spring forth putting a real damper on life as you know it. If your basement ever floods don’t hesitate in calling our water damage Connecticut New Haven crew before the problem worsens. 911 Restoration Connecticut will arrive within 45 minutes of your call and provide speedy water damage restoration services ensuring that your home is restored to its previous condition.

Why Address a Flooded Basement Right Away?

Calling your local flooded basement New Haven company to address your disaster upon first discovery may seem like the only practical thing to do, but some people actually put it off! In certain cases homeowners will try extracting the water on their own using sump pumps or the old fashioned bucket method. In other cases the event causes some to be overcome with stress to the point that they put it off and bury their heads in the sands of denial. It is certainly advantageous to try extracting water until the professionals arrive, but under no circumstances should you try to restore your basement on your own. Only pros like our 911 Restoration water damage Connecticut experts are trained and certified to get the job done correctly using industrial strength pumps and drying equipment to ensure not a single drop of moisture is left behind. When homeowners hesitate to call a professional flooded basement New Haven team, or they try to do the job themselves, additional damage is almost always inflicted.

What are the Dangers of a Flooded Basement?

Forget about your box of stored childhood toys disintegrating in the flood water leaving a plethora of floating teddy bears and GI Joes drifting about, a flooded basement can cripple your entire house! Basements are typically constructed of porous materials like concrete and absorb water like a sponge in the Gobi Desert. When you permit standing water to reside in your basement the construction materials are slowly taking on water while weakening and causing the weight of your home to shift. Our flooded basement New Haven team warns that prolonged exposure to water can also result in an outbreak of black mold. Mold is extremely dangerous to human health and causes a number of illnesses including certain lung diseases and in some cases even death. If your basement has suffered from water damage you would be wise to ask your local flooded basement New Haven team to perform a mold inspection, free of charge. All 911 Restoration of Connecticut branches value the welfare of clients above anything else, and therefore perform free mold inspections.

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Our water damage Connecticut New Haven company has over 35 years of experience in disaster restoration. We are licensed, bonded and insured and our technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will respond to your flood emergency quickly and treat your problem as if it happened in our own home. Call 911 Restoration today for the best water damage professionals in New Haven.
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Jocelyn S.
911 Restoration are real experts in water restoration. My basement was flooded and I couldn’t pump the water completely by myself. They came to my place and restored it so quickly. It seemed like an easy task for them. Anyways, thanks!

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