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Flooded Basement Redding, CT

Coming home to discover your basement has flooded can cause the pulse to temporarily seize up as you gasp for breath in disbelief. But don’t just stand there rubbing your eyes; call our water flooded basement Redding team right away so we can send our certified technicians out to save your home from further damage. Our water damage restoration services are performed 24/7 by certified technicians who treat each client like family. Do not hesitate to call our flooded basement Redding branch, as time is of the essence whenever a flooded basement is involved.

What are the Consequences of a Flooded Basement?

Aside from potentially destroying some of your personal items that may be stored in cardboard boxes, a flooded basement can deliver far more damage. When standing water is left untreated for a set amount of time, mold spores can form. Our water damage Connecticut Redding crews perform free mold inspections and offer mold removal services whenever a test comes back positive. Mold can cause otherwise healthy people to develop asthma, lung diseases and in some case it can even kill you. Since mold thrives in areas with high moisture levels, it is paramount that flooded basements be remediated as soon as possible. Flooded basements can also weaken your home’s structure. Your basement is likely made of concrete, and keep in mind that concrete is porous and takes on H2O much like a ShamWow absorbs water from your freshly washed car. As the concrete absorbs water, it can expand, crack and cause your home to collapse. Just take it from our flooded basement Redding pros, as we have seen and restored it all!

How Will 911 Restoration Connecticut Restore my Basement?

Our water damage Connecticut Redding team has restored hundreds of basements. We start by assessing the damage before discovering the cause of the problem. While water is extracted a crew member will repair or replace the culprit responsible for the flood. In some cases this might involve replacing a pipe, or repairing rain leaks in your walls. Once all the water has been extracted using our industrial strength pumps, we use the latest drying technology to remove every last drop of water from your basement. The final step our flooded basement Redding crew takes is to restore any additional damage that may have taken place. If your basement is finished, this might require us to repair your drywall or restore your wood flooring.

Let us take on Your Burden

At 911 Restoration the customer always comes first. Our water damage Connecticut team strives to take what is already a stressful situation and help our clients get through it with as much ease as possible. Our flooded basement Redding staff even removes your personal items from the flooded basement and work with your insurance on your behalf. With over 35 years in disaster restoration we’ve seen it all. Call 911 Restoration today for fast water damage services. We are here 24/7!

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