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Flooded Basement Shelton, CT

Just imagine coming home from a day of hiking the beautiful trails of Shelton to discover that your basement flooded from a major pipe burst. According to our flooded basement Shelton specialists, by the time you discover 2 feet of standing water in your basement, the chances are pretty high that you have already sustained some damage that extends beyond the scope of a simple cleanup. In instances like this, it is imperative to call our water damage Connecticut Shelton team right away so we can get to work and prevent additional damage while restoring your basement to its previous condition.

What Causes a Pipe Burst?

Our 911 Restoration Connecticut water damage pros encounter multiple causes for pipe bursts. For example, in cold weather water can freeze inside pipes and cause a sheet of ice to create pressure within. Eventually the pressure will cause a crack to form expelling water into your basement, crawlspace or walls. Another culprit for pipe bursts is water quality. Hard water can cause mineral deposits to buildup in your pipes creating blockage. Just as ice can create cracks in pipes so too can a wall of calcium. Also, your home’s age may play a factor into the pipe burst equation; if your home was built in the 1920s or earlier, there is a fair chance you may have cast iron or clay pipes. These products cannot withstand the test of time the way our modern plastic pipes can. Our flooded basement Shelton team stresses to customers time and time again that cast iron and clay will eventually breakup, and when this happens water may spray your basement.

How can I Prevent a Pipe Burst?

First, make sure the areas where your plumbing runs are fully insulated to prevent winter pipe freeze. You should also have a plumber or contractor inspect your plumbing for outdated material, fixtures, or to spot cracks that may already be forming. You can pick up an inexpensive water testing kit at any hardware store. If your water tests hard you may want to invest in a home reverse osmosis system, or a cheaper solution would be to buy water softener. If you have any questions you can contact our flooded basement Shelton company at any time day or night.

Why Call 911 Restoration?

Certified since 1978, our water damage Connecticut Shelton team has been working 24/7, 365 days a year responding to thousands of water damage emergencies and mold removal calls. Our disaster restoration techs are also licensed and bonded to offer fire & smoke damage restoration services to residents throughout the greater area. Our customer service, dedication to our clients, and exceptional quality of care stands out as being the best in the industry. Give us a call today, we are standing by to gelp you with your flooded basement!
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