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Puff Back Cleanup Stratford, CT

Oil-burning furnaces are convenient and provide an inexpensive way to heat your home, but if not properly maintained, chaos can unleash. When the furnace does not ignite correctly, vapors are set off that can cause an explosion known as puff back. When this happens, a menacing black cloud of grimy, oily soot and ash rains down and clings to all materials and surfaces. And when not treated immediately, the damage can worsen. If you experience such a disaster call our puff back cleanup Stratford team at 911 Restoration Connecticut; we are the best in the state, have been in business since 1978, and provide the best puff back cleanup services at the most affordable prices.

How Can I Clean Up After a Puff Back Accident?

It is never recommended that homeowners try to clean puff back residue from their home. All too often 911 Restoration’s puff back cleanup Stratford crews encounter community members who try to do it on their own, but wind up causing water damage to their walls, floor and possessions. Keep in mind that puff back is sticky and oily. Adding water and household cleaning products will not help and can make the problem worse, as you are left with a soupy mess of gray standing water. In some cases household mold can grow months later due to excessive moisture that was never dried during the homeowner’s attempt to clean the puff back.

Our licensed puff back cleanup Stratford company uses specially formulated remediation products specifically for puff back cleanup, and industrial strength drying equipment to suck up every last drop of moisture left behind. Puff back explosions can also cause smoke to consume the room and imbed a terrible odor into the carpets, drapes and furniture. Only our puff back cleanup Stratford technicians have a fully loaded truck with all the equipment needed to remove all odors and signs of sticky soot and smoke.

How Can I Avoid a Puff Back Explosion?

Make sure to have your furnace inspected for a faulty ignition system or for any other signs of damage. By maintaining a healthy furnace you can significantly lower your chances of a puff back disaster. Our puff back cleanup Stratford division warns that if you detect black oily spots inside your furnace, you should call us immediately, as this is a sign that a puff back cloud will engulf the room in its sooty devastation.

Is 911 Restoration a Good Company?

911 Restoration is the ultimate leader in puff back remediation. Our puff back cleanup Stratford branch has been in the disaster restoration business for over 35 years restoring local homes and working 24/7, 365 days a year to keep community members and their houses safe from the ills of puff back smoke. Did you know that puff back can cause people to become ill and even develop respiratory complications? Our puff back cleanup Stratford professionals understand the risks that coincide with puff back exposure, so therefore we can be reached any time night or day and will arrive to your front door within 45 minutes of your call. Phone us today!
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