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Sewage Backup New Haven, CT

When you experience sewage backup at your home or office, it can be an absolutely terrible experience. Sewage is very difficult to clean because it is laden with bacteria and viruses and it can cause a great deal of devastation if not cleaned quickly and correctly. Our sewage backup New Haven team has been responding to such emergencies for over 35 years now, and we have sewage cleanup and restoration down to a fine art. Do not hesitate in calling 911 Restoration Connecticut if you experience a black water spill.

How can I Prevent Sewage Backup?

One way to help prevent this problem is to install a sewage back flow valve that will block water that is moving in the wrong direction. You should also have your plumbing inspected by a professional. New Haven has hundreds of beautiful old homes, and if your house was built in or before the 1920s, there is a good chance you may have cast iron or clay pipes. Unlike our modern plastic varieties, cast iron and clay breakdown over time and can create sewage backup. Also, our sewage backup New Haven techs warn that all trees in your yard should be planted at least two meters away from where your plumbing line runs. Most species of trees naturally seek out moisture, and since pipes sweat moisture, tree roots have been known to grow into pipes penetrating them and even collapsing them. Finally, make sure every member of your household knows not to flush anything down the toilet that isn’t their own waste or toilet graded tissue paper. Flushing things like diapers, lady’s sanitary unmentionables, paper towels and newspapers can cause pipe blockage that can potentially lead to enough pressure that sewage shoots up through your toilet like a dirty geyser. Our sewage backup New Haven team regularly updates our company blog in which advice and tips are shared with the goal to help keep local homes and families safe from a number of common disasters.

How can I find a Good Sewage Backup Company?

Look no further than 911 Restoration! Established in 1978, we have seen it all when it comes to sewage problems. We also have the fastest disaster restoration response time, as we are open 24/7 and we always arrive to an emergency call in 45 minutes or less. Some restoration companies will over-charge customers because they have the upper hand and prey on the homeowner’s desperation. But our sewage backup New Haven team offers free inspections, free estimates, and we offer the best prices with the highest quality of service. Also, because other types of catastrophes can coincide with sewage damage, the best companies out there will provide additional services to their customers. Our sewage backup New Haven professionals are also licensed and certified water damage restoration experts and mold removal specialists who have the knowhow to clean and restore anything damaged by water and mold. We want you to be happy with our sewage backup New Haven service; therefore our company places the customer at the top of our priorities without compromise.

Call our Sewage Backup New Haven Team Today!

Don’t hesitate in giving us a call. Sewage is something homeowners should never try cleaning on their own. Our technicians have the industrial strength products and industry-leading extraction machinery to get the job done thoroughly and quickly. 911 Restoration is your leading choice for expert sewage backup cleanup and repair. Call us today!

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Great work!

Service Provided: Sewage Backup

Dave W.
Sewage backup is a pain to every house owner!! Glad that I had 911 Restoration to help me. They were honest, professional, and efficient. Thanks A LOT!

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5 out of 5

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