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Sewage Backup Redding, CT

When you and your spouse come home to a disastrous sewage spill, there is no need to flip a coin to determine who will fix the issue and who will clean the mess; our sewage backup Redding team will do both in no time. Sewage cleanup is a vile, disgusting job that is best left to the pros. 911 Restoration Connecticut has been in the disaster restoration business for over 35 years and our services are available 24/7. Our sewage backup Redding technicians are licensed, insured and bonded and can get to your home or business within 45 minutes of the time we receive your phone call.

Regardless of the backup cause, we can fix the problem. It may be something as simple as a clogged toilet, or it might be something more serious such as your main drain line blocked by tree roots that have grown into the sewer line. Whatever the case, we have the proper equipment to fix the problem and remove all traces of sewage leaving your home completely odor free.

What Should I do When I Have a Toilet Spill?

Sewage backup can force gallons of black water up your plumbing and out your toilet saturating your floor, walls, and belongings. If you come home to such a mess do not try cleaning it yourself. Sewage is ripe with viruses and bacteria. If it touches your skin it can cause a nasty rash and even a severe infection. Also, when wastewater floods a room with electrical sockets near the floor, there is always the danger for an electric shock. Instead make sure all family members and pets are far from the contaminated area and then call our sewage backup Redding company immediately. Time is an important factor when it comes to treating sewage backup, so under no circumstances should you hesitate to call. Also, you may require additional water damage restoration services from our sewage backup Redding team if the wastewater has stood too long where it was allowed to corrupt your drywall and hardwood floors.

How Do You Clean Up Sewage?

Sewage cleanup is a complex process that only licensed and certified technicians should engage. Cross contamination can happen if people don’t know what they are doing, and this can make residents ill. Our sewage backup Redding crew members wear protective HAZMAT gear and use industrial strength extraction equipment to quickly and safely pump out the sewage from your home without contaminating other areas. After our crew has fixed the problem that caused the spill, we use special chemicals to remove all the sewage leaving the floor so clean that you could eat off of it. Then we use an innovative type of commercial drying technology to ensure that not a single drop of moisture is left behind. This is a very important process, as failure to dry a room may require us to perform mold removal services later in time after the spores become visible. Mold thrives where moisture levels are high and where water seeps into wood or in between tiles. This is just another reason why calling our 911 Restoration sewage backup Redding techs is the only reasonable solution to a nasty sewage backup disaster.

911 Restoration is standing by to help you with any sewage backup problem. Call us today!

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Dave W.
Sewage backup is a pain to every house owner!! Glad that I had 911 Restoration to help me. They were honest, professional, and efficient. Thanks!

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