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Sewage Backup Stratford, CT

Imagine coming home from watching a local high school football game to discovering that a sewage backup unleashed gallons upon gallons of wastewater into your bathroom. This is not a mess you will want to attempt cleaning on your own, as it poses a number of dangers if not handled in a professional manner. Our sewage backup Stratford company has been in the disaster restoration business since 1978, and we have sewage backup remediation down to a science.

What Health Risks Does Sewage Pose?

Sewage contains a number of viruses and bacteria. Some biological agents in sewage include E. coli and salmonella that can cause diarrhea, cramps, fever and vomiting. The parasite giardia is also common in sewage and causes the same symptoms while viruses that make their home in sewage like Hepatitis A can cause nausea, abdominal pain, jaundice and even liver disease. When our sewage backup Stratford team arrives to clean sewage spills, we wear protective HAZMAT suits to ensure safety. Our technicians are also trained to not cross-contaminate other areas of the home. When homeowners try cleaning sewage on their own, they run huge risks of spreading sewage around the home and contracting an illness.

What Structural Damage Can Sewage Cause?

911 Restoration’s sewage backup Stratford pros have engaged in scores of restoration jobs due to sewage damaging the drywall and floors in homes. In some cases basement toilets that aren’t used regularly can have a sewage spill undetected by the homeowner until the stench becomes so great that it is discovered. By then excessive moisture can cause mold spores to grow requiring our immediate mold removal services. Furthermore, drywall and concrete are extremely porous and can easily absorb water. When this happens our sewage backup Stratford team will perform water damage restoration tactics and leave the home looking and smelling like nothing ever happened.

How Can Sewage Backup be avoided?

Our sewage backup Stratford company gets asked this question all the time. The first step is to have your plumbing inspected. In some cases outdated materials and fixtures are present and can threaten an impending sewage problem. An inspection can also reveal any cracks that are starting to form. Once your plumbing has been given a clean bill of health, make sure nothing gets flushed down the toilet that isn’t proper toilet tissue. Diapers, feminine products and paper towels can cause sewage backup. Finally, make sure the trees in your yard are at least two meters from your sewer line.

Call our Sewage Backup Stratford Specialists Today!

All of our 911 Restoration Connecticut service professionals are certified, licensed, and bonded to offer the best sewage backup services. Our prices are very affordable and we offer free inspections and free estimates. We are on call 24/7, ready to respond within 45 minutes of all emergency calls. If you experience a sewage backup problem, don’t hesitate; give 911 Restoration a call today!

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Sewage backup is such a pain!! Glad that I had 911 Restoration to help me. They were honest, professional, and efficient. Thanks A LOT!

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