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I Know all there is to Know About the Drying Game

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on April 21, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Sometimes movies have the power to reflect pockets of life we would least expect them to. You may remember ‘The Crying Game’—a 1992 British psychological drama that explores some complex subject matters on the stage of Irish troubles with a hit song on the soundtrack by Boy George. The main character, Fergus, forms an unsuspected relationship with someone whose nature stands against his core beliefs. However, unexpected events lead him to protect this individual and his own nature ameliorates into a new-found center of the self. Now let’s address household water damage—a home is likely the largest investment a person will ever make, and his natural instincts may be to remediate any hazards himself. After all, that “fight or flight” nature will kick in. All too often the man of the house will feel that by calling a professional water damage company he is giving up on his manhood. However, someone who acts on nature to protect their home and fights the patriarchal finger-pointing culture that says “real men fix it themselves”, will embrace their true nature to protect their precious abode by calling a pro who uses the latest drying technology to ensure not a single drop of moisture is left hiding in the carpets or hardwoods.

If You Dry, You Will Cry

When homeowners decide to attempt their own water damage cleanup, they almost never completely remove all the moisture. A lot of people are under the misconception that carpets and floors can simply air dry much the way one would hang a wet area rug out on a clothes line to dry, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all, fans do not dry carpets and floors; they only circulate moisture and make problems worse. Also, when floors and carpets are not immediately dried by professional-grade equipment, water seeps into matting and subflooring. When this happens mold spore colonies can grow leaving the homeowner with the emergency need to call for mold removal services. Had only the residents first called a restoration specialist, the problem could have been remediated right away and the damage would have been minimalized with the mold problem being non-existent. Any professional restoration company that responds to water damage scenarios, even  sewage cleanup operations, will perform the latest in drying technology—industrial machines that suck out and remove moisture while employing a deep penetrating drying method that delves thoroughly within walls, carpets, floors and it can even dry your crawl space.

Have You had Your Share of the Drying Game?

The last thing you want is to wind up weeping in the shower; trying to wipe the shame away from attempting to dry your home on your own—a vain impulsively driven act that lead to  black mold entering your abode. Mold is a deadly assailant that can make people very ill and in some cases it has even claimed lives. Fergus felt dirty for dabbling in the unknown, and his long dramatic shower did little good for his mental health. Call a professional water damage company; they have had their share of the drying game and know how to keep the homes, bodies and minds of locals healthy, safe and sound.

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