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Fire Damage Connecticut: Keep Smoke that is Acidic out of Your Temple that is Hasidic

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on May 26, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair

911 Restoration Fire Damage ConnecticutPerhaps there is no other atmosphere that offers a peaceful ambiance with time for reflection than inside a Hasidic temple. The presence of the Immanent Divine relayed through the vehicle of rabbinical study creates a mystical arena where the promotion of kindness sits amongst a backdrop to nullify paradoxical Divine Panentheism—it allows an intellectual channel to cross thoughts into those inner dimensions of the spiritual soul. But sometimes bad things can happen even in the most sanctified places, so if the Menorah tips over and catches fire to the rich textiles and carpets, make sure everyone flees quickly like it is a re-telling of the Exodus, and then call a fire damage restoration company (only after first dialing 911 for the fire department) to step in and restore the temple to its original condition.

What if it was a Little Fire?

Even if it was a little fire, you will want to have a professional restoration company make sure the conditions are safe for rabbis and worshippers. Although the scriptures don’t emphasize this point, little fires can cause major consequences like the time Moses received the word of God from the burning bush—a fire that was likely miniscule in size but that ushered major consequences into the spiritual history of Israel. Even if your temple suffers from a little fire harmful acidic smoke can linger and give off an odor so foul that it would be as unpleasant as eating a ham sandwich while shopping on a Friday night.

Why is Acidic Smoke from a Fire so Bad?

Smoke is, more or less, the fuel that didn’t burn up in a fire.  The Chicora Foundation warns that acidic smoke damage is caused after smoke may appear to dissipate after a fire, but once the cooling process sets in, the particles leave an odor so strong it can penetrate all materials in a room and travel through entire buildings. Acidic smoke has the power to cause corrosion, discoloration and provide expensive damage to everything in a temple from the walls to the art work and even to the textiles. Over time paper products will begin to yellow in color and the walls will take on the semblance of the smoke-stained walls of a dive bar. Synthetic odors can also surface from smoke damage if fire came into contact with any plastics or synthetic textiles. If there are a box a plastic dreidels left in the back to hand out to kids, and it catches fire, synthetic smoke odor can permeate through the room and cause a smell so strong that only a professional smoke removal expert would be able to rid the room of the smell and prevent it from spreading.

Act Like Moses and get those Hoses!

Fire may have been used figuratively in the Old testament to represent Yahweh’s glory (Daniel 7:9) and to symbolize God’s holiness (Isaiah 33:14) but there is nothing sacred about your temple catching fire to suffer the brunt of smoke damage.  If a fire has burned your temple now is the time to gather as a community and fight to restore order. Moses never stepped down from a fight, so if a fire breaks out and it isn’t directly affecting your safety, act like Moses and grab those hoses and put the fire out while another person calls an acidic smoke removal experts to get things all kosher again!

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