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How to Lose Re-Sale Value on your Home: Just Add Water

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on April 11, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Homeownership is a privilege that warrants much responsibility. But did you know that every year water damage racks up millions of dollars in repair bills across the country? Worse still is that water damage can wreak havoc on your home’s resale value if the issue is not remediated immediately by a licensed water damage restoration company properly equipped to tackle even the biggest disasters.

How Does Water Damage Harm a Home’s Re-Sale Value?

Bad weather and pipe bursts are the leading causes of water damage nightmares across the country. In some cases a pipe burst can unleash enough water to completely destroy a room all the way down to the subflooring and rot out the crawl space. In fact, a pipe burst disaster caused extensive damage to Wheaton North High School’s library causing it to remain closed to students for five months. Considering how large a library is, now imagine what a pipe burst could do to your living room or basement when you are away at work none the wiser.
When pipe bursts occur and hundreds of gallons of water spill out, your floor can turn into the texture of cardboard and seep into the home’s foundation causing it to shift and even collapse. This level of damage always happens when the homeowner is asleep or away from home. But if a pipe burst happens while you are home, there are a number of steps you can take to save your abode.

What Should I do when a Pipe Bursts?

The first thing to do it shut off the main water valve. This will prevent excessive water damage and keep the need for water extractions to a minimum. You should also unplug your devices and move them to a dry room, along with furniture and any other objects. Aside from doing this for obvious reasons, moving out the furniture will give the professionals more room to perform emergency water remediation services. That said, when you shop around for a  water damage company, there is certain criteria you should look for:

• Company should be licensed, insured and bonded
• Have a long-standing reputation in the community
• A fast response time
• Operate 24/7
• Offer free inspections
• Work with all insurance companies
• Have affordable prices
• Offer a variety of restoration services

Even if all you need is a water removal company, it is wise to hire someone who knows how to address and repair other issues. Think about it this way: water damage can easily lead to a household mold problem so if the techs are certified to test for mold, you can kill two birds with one stone.

How can I Prevent a Pipe Burst?

Have your pipes inspected by a professional. If your pipes are made from antiquated materials like clay or cast iron, or if they are ill-fitted, you run a greater risk of a leak and eventual burst. Also make sure the areas where pipes run are properly insulated to prevent pipe freeze, and make sure your home is free from hard water, as mineral deposits can build up over time and cause blockage. Your home will likely be the biggest financial investment of a life time, so guard its plumbing with care!

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