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Mold Removal Connecticut: Mold Poses Health Risks?

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on June 20, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection


We all know that a toilet overflow or sharing a soda pop with a man stricken with leprosy may pose some health risks, but what about mold exposure? If you see black spots growing on your walls you would be wise to call a certified mold removal company to rid your home of the toxic spores, because mold does indeed threaten human health! Just look at what happened to ‘Clueless’ actress Brittany Murphy—she died from complications that developed due to mold exposure, as did her husband. By understanding how mold forms and what types of illnesses it can cause, you can better understand why calling for mold removal services is paramount to preserving both health and home.

How Mold Forms

Contrary to popular belief that mold grows in dirty homes, toxic spores can populate in even the cleanest homes in the state and mold removal Connecticut companies are on the lookout!. Mold grows in areas high in moisture that get little to no sunlight, and where humidity tends to be higher (though it can also grow in normal humidity levels). There are mold spores floating around outside all the time and they are harmless, but when they float into the home and settle in areas where water damage occurred, they can spawn fungus that turns into household black mold. This is why it is important to call for professional water damage restoration services is you have a pipe leak, washer burst, or rain leak in your roof. Mold also thrives on organic and semi-organic materials like concrete, drywall, wood, canvas, cotton and a number of other materials. Therefore your walls, floors, carpets, ceiling, furniture and even your patio awning are all vulnerable to the wrath of mold! The thing is some people can have a mold problem in their home and not even know it. Any mold removal Connecticut crew will warn that you may not have black spots on your walls, but instead mold could be growing under carpets or deep inside your walls. If you smell a moldy odor and there is dampness in the room’s air, you should call for a free mold inspection.

What are the Health Risks Associated with Mold?

Exposure to mold poses many health risks, and in some cases deaths are even reported as a result. Typically, people exposed to mold will get headaches, have itchy skin, congestion, and have a bad cough. But there are more serious cases in which otherwise healthy people will develop asthma or even lung disease.

Mold is nothing to take lightly; if you think you have a problem call a mold removal Connecticut specialist and let them safeguard your family’s health!

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