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I Was Playing a Friendly Game of Pool (It Went Well Until I Almost Drowned)

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on March 17, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Every man needs his sanctuary far from the ennui of everyday hum-drum. This hallowed harbor for male bonding should be a “nag free zone” where a man and his buddies can watch the game, drink some beers, or in my case play a game of pool without the kids or wife interfering. But your “man cave” is only as consecrated and divine as the plumbing system is within its walls. After all, your pipes feed life to your many appliances and porcelain throne.

I was calling my shot (a daring combination bank shot) when suddenly my friend Ishmael said, “Hey, there’s a wet spot on your wall and its starting to leak”! Thinking I could take care of the problem myself, I poked my finger through the drywall which released a torrent of water. In a total state of panic I Googled “water damage restoration”, and within seconds an emergency crew was dispatched to my home while a customer service rep instructed me to unplug all electrical devices and walked me through the steps of shutting off the main valve. However, the valve was frozen and corroded with decades of rust. It wouldn’t budge. By the time the water damage team arrived, I had a foot of water in my basement, which could then be regarded as a real pool hall!

A Little Leak Made a Big Splash

The water damage techs were able to shut off the water and quickly determine that a pipe burst caused the damage. But what was really alarming was the burst had apparently first started out as a slow leak that went undetected for months. After the water damage Connecticut team repaired my pipe they performed a free mold inspection which revealed a small colony of mold spores in my wall. At the end of the day these guys removed all the water, fixed the pipe, removed the mold, restored my wall and dried the entire room. Luckily my insurance covered 90 percent of the cost, and the water damage crew worked with my insurance company filing the claim which made the entire process that much easier on me.

How to Prevent a Pipe Burst

The water damage Connecticut team gave me some great tips that would have saved my basement from becoming a big damper had I only known. So I feel compelled to share these tips with all of you. First, have your home’s plumbing professionally inspected for any leaks, cracks or signs of weakness. If your home is older and has clay pipes or cast iron pipes (like my house) have the plumbing replaced. This should boost the re-sale value of your home, so don’t be too scared of the price tag as you will get a big chunk of that back in time. Also make sure the home is properly insulated—especially in areas where your pipes run. This will prevent them from freezing and springing a leak. Also, my pipes had some calcium deposit buildup. Hard water causes a blockage and by picking up an inexpensive water tester at your local hardware store, you can help keep your pipes healthy. If hard water is present, simply add a simple water softener once every 6 months and you will be good to go.

Don’t Set Yourself Up to Get All Wet

Regardless as to whether you are a DIY aficionado or a mirror image of Thomas Crapper meets Super Mario, do NOT try to remediate a pipe burst on your own. Call a certified water damage company, as they have the right tools, industrial strength equipment, and the skills to get the job done quickly and correctly.

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