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Puff Back Cleanup: Lady Macbeth Would Keel Over in Seconds

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on March 19, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

911 Restoration Puff Back Cleanup ConnecticutWe all remember the famous scene in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ when a distraught Lady Macbeth shouted, “Out darned spot! Out I say”! Though the Bard wrote these lines while sitting at his desk in Stratford Upon-Avon, had his character been cast in a Stratford, Connecticut household where puff back disasters strike every year, Lady Macbeth would have surely been too overwhelmed to carry on.

Puff back catastrophes cause quite the scene; they can fill a home with smoke that is so thick and menacing that neighbors will likely think the home is engulfed in flames. In fact, according to an East Hampton news source, puff back clouds filled a home with so much smoke that the fire department rushed to the scene after receiving frantic phone calls from locals. But puff back doesn’t just “walk the walk” by belching up thick sable clouds of grit and grime; it leaves an oily residue that can compromise your home’s walls, floors and belongings. This is why calling a professional puff back cleanup company to your home the instant after the disaster strikes is of prime importance.

What Does Puff Back have in Common with Puff Daddy?

For starters, you may be tempted to throw water on both of them, but at the end of the day this is a big mistake. Puff Daddy would likely sue you, and throwing water onto a puff back mess (some homeowners have tried using buckets and buckets to clean the oily soot) almost always causes water damage in addition to the layers of ash clinging to your walls. Only a licensed puff back cleanup Connecticut company has the specially designed cleaning formula to remove puff back damage, and the leading drying technology systems to ensure not a drop of moisture is left behind. When homeowners try drying a room that has had significant moisture exposure they almost never remove all of it. Failure to thoroughly dry a room can cause a mold infestation and thereby expose family members to other health risks.

What Should I do in a Puff Back Explosion?

Well, soot happens! It is mind-boggling how much of an area can be covered by these nasty, ashy little droppings. It is think, oily and very difficult to clean and nobody ever wants it in their life. It can even produce an odor so foul that you would swear the end of the world was drawing neigh. So what should you do when puff back claims you as its victim?

  • Write down the square footage of the damaged area, the items that were affected and assess the situation. When you call a puff back cleanup Connecticut company this information will be helpful so the techs will know what to bring with them.
  • If any food was left out, throw it away!
  • You can try washing any textiles or clothes left out, but they will likely need to be professionally cleaned.
  • Call a restoration company with certified techs who can repair the furnace and clean up the mess all in the same day.

Just say NO to Back in Black

Nobody wants the headache that comes with a puff back disaster. By having your furnace inspected for any faulty parts you can greatly decrease your chances of having your home transformed into something that looks like a scene from a horror movie. However, if you look in your furnace and see oily black spots, call a puff back cleanup Connecticut pro immediately, as this is a sure sign that black clouds are looming on your residential horizon.

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