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What Star Wars Teaches us about Water Damage and Mold

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on May 1, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection, Water Damage Restoration



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….. (enter scrolling text)

The empire of mold and water damage strikes back!

“It is a dark time for the rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the rebels from their hidden bases to places ripe with water damage and mold.  Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet of pipe bursts, a group of freedom fighters lead by 911 Restoration have established a new secret weapon against water damage and mold on the remote ice world of Hoth where pipe freeze runs rampant.

The evil Darth Water Damage, obsessed with finding 911 Restoration, has launched thousands of remote mold spores into the far reaches of those hard-to-reach spaces….”

There you have it: water damage and mold were a cursed threat in the world of Star Wars, and they continue to be a threat for homes and businesses across Connecticut. Like Hoth, Connecticut winters face bitter cold and what with pipe freeze incidents and melting snow on rooftops, the need for a water damage restoration specialists can be as urgent as Luke Skywalker’s need for Jedi training.  And when you deal with water damage, the mold spores are sure to follow, requiring urgent mold removal services by top 911 Restoration masters. After all, mold thrives in moist, wet places. To better understand the threat of water damage and mold in your own home, let us examine its direct effect on the rebels in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

Water Damage Drove Princess Leia Bonkers

Remember when R2-D2 went to turn up the heat in the princess’s chambers in the rebel base on Hoth, only to cause snow and ice to melt and inflict water damage? It was a minor moment in the film, but one that surely explains her unruly rudeness to Captain Han Solo who was only trying to aid her in the evacuation process. Water damage can cause a great deal of anxiety in people, and for good cause. For example, just look at the 2014 Florida floods that caused an explosion in a prison; flooding is a major villain in the world of water damage and it can cause electrical shortages that can cause similar chaos to that of what was seen when Imperial AT-AT Walkers caused destroyed the Echo Base’s primary generator in the battle of Hoth. When flood water meets sources of electricity, sparks can fly and before you know it you may be on the phone calling for immediate fire damage restoration services as you flee for dear life! Flooding your bedroom is bad enough, but causing an explosion is a devastating event hard to fathom.

Did Yoda Die from Mold Exposure?

We will never forget when the young Jedi-to-be Luke Skywalker complained bitterly while sitting in Yoda’s hut on the Dagobah System—he griped and objected over a funny feeling in the air around him, and a wrinkled up his nose over a bad smell. From the looks of the humidity and moisture Yoda was dealing with, it is safe to assume he had a mold problem—especially since Luke confirmed two primary symptoms: a damp sensation in the air, and a musty odor. Though small, Yoda was a powerful Jedi…powerful. But he should have called for a 24/7 mold removal specialist because in ‘Return of the Jedi’ he died in bed—the exact same place where ‘Clueless’ actress Brittany Murphy breathed in the deadly mold spores that eventually killed her. Did Yoda die from mold? We will never know because when he passed into the spirit world his physical body vanished leaving nothing for an autopsy report.

Use the Force

You may not be able to grab objects with lightning speed from across the room by using the Force, but you can call for instant restoration services from a licensed water damage company that will appear on your door within 45 minutes of your call. Princess Leia and Master Yoda knew water damage and mold were of the dark side of the Force, and so too should you! Don’t give in to the dark side of nature. Hate and fear lead to mold and water damage. Embrace the Force and call the Jedi team of skilled restoration masters nearest you!

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