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Water Damage Connecticut Examines Hitchcock’s Psycho

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on August 7, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Ask anyone in the car during a dull ride on a road trip what the most iconic horror film is, and someone is bound to mention Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’—a 1960 thriller based on an actual serial killer from Wisconsin. The film has been analyzed by every film critic, humanities professor and graduate student under the sun, and although the popular Freudian reading of the film is both enlightening and entertaining, there is a much deeper, sinister type of horror that haunt’s the viewer’s subconscious as discovered by the best water damage Connecticut company: the threat of water damage and mold.

The Shower Scene

Arguably the most iconic scene in cinematic history, the infamous shower scene in which Marion Crane is repeatedly stabbed by Norman Bates has horrified and haunted audiences for generations. The scene was shot masterfully using various proportions and sounds to create visual and audible stimulants to evoke fear. But while the camera’s lens worked in harmony capturing the symbolism of the life leaving the unfortunate victim just as the bloody water rushed down the drain, the real horror settles on the subconscious mind: Norman Bates never turned the shower off before immediately leaving.

We see him appear later cleaning up the bathroom and can only imagine that a tub overflow surely occurred, as Marion likely blocked the drain causing a tub over flow. And because Norman Bates never called for professional water damage restoration services we can only assume that water settled in between those old bathroom tiles and caused rot and mold. Every year thousands of people forget to turn off the bathtub faucet, and as a result household flooding ensues requiring immediate help from local water damage Connecticut companies. The last thing you want is to throw a PTA meeting at your home and have an overflowing tub leave your house looking like a Bates Motel stank pit, so be sure to monitor your bathtub faucet while drawing a bath on those busy days where forgetfulness is likely to strike.


Let’s face it; any old musty home filled with taxidermy and an elderly corpse is likely to spawn mold, especially if there is moisture in the house. And given Norman’s record for leaving bathtubs on we can only assume his house too has its fair share of water damage mingling with the posed little corpses of wild birds and bewildered ground squirrels. In some cases the presence of mold has caused people to hallucinate. Perhaps Norman was hearing his mother’s voice all the time because he was breathing in the black mold spores that developed from severe water damage in his house on the hill.

Water Damage is Crazy!

As a homeowner you are more likely to encounter water damage in your home than you are to be spied on while showering by a man holding a knife dressed as an old woman. And unlike Norman Bates, water damage does not discriminate. You can be a pretty young executive lady from Greenwich or a hairy construction worker from New Haven and water damage will not stop to choose its victim. Water damage is a monster!

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