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Water Damage Connecticut 101: Protect your Home from Mudslide Chide

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on March 24, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


When it comes to water damage emergencies in Connecticut, most of them result from heavy rooftop snow accumulation, pipe freeze, pipe bursts or rain leaks. But if you live at the base of a hill did you know you are susceptible to a mudslide? We are not talking about the sweet cocktail made from Baileys, but rather a phenomenon in which large amounts of water cause hillsides to give way sending a torrent of mud, rock, water and debris smashing into homes. Mudslides are responsible for claiming lives worldwide. In fact last week a mudslide disaster swept through a Washington State community claiming the lives of eight people with over 100 individuals still missing. If you live at the base of a hill or if a loved one’s home is situated in such a location, take these tips to heart and please share them with those who can benefit.

What are the Warning Signs of a Mudslide?

Although it is hard to predict when a mudslide will happen unless an environmental engineer comes out and runs a number of tests, there are warning signs that can help you prepare for this frightening disaster. The best water damage restoration technicians will warn customers to pay attention to the following red flags:

  • Bulging ground at the base of the hillside
  • Doors or windows jamming or sticking
  • Crack formation in plaster, sidewalks, foundation or tile
  • Slow widening cracks appearing on the ground
  • Underground utility lines break
  • Strange sounds like trees cracking or boulders knocking together
  • Fences and walls begin to tilt
  • Faint rumbling sounds from the ground

In many cases a landslide won’t “just happen” without a chain reaction. But in most cases detecting these things can be difficult, as nobody can visibly see what is going on inside the ground. However, by noticing these visual signs that the ground is shifting, you may be able to take steps in protecting your home and family. If you think you are susceptible contact the city and see if they send an engineer out to inspect your property and the surrounding area. If they don’t provide this service you may want to hire a professional and just pay out of your own pocket.

What Should I do in a Mudslide?

If you see a mudslide plummeting towards your home, do not run outdoors in your bathing suit expecting a fun scuffle with your wild-natured neighbor—this is not the mud pits from your tacky bars hosting mud wrestling events but rather it is a deadly stew of jagged rocks, dagger-sharp wood pieces, and any debris that has been discarded outside. If you live at the base of a hill it would be wise to plant lots of groundcover like hedges, small trees, bushes and large leafy plants with strong roots. This will help slow the mudslide and possibly even reduce the amount of watery debris that strikes your home. It is also wise to rent a small utility vehicle and dig a trench at the base of the hill (with approval from the city). A trench will help capture some of the mudslide and trap it. You could also have a retaining wall built to help stop any debris and muddy water that escaped the trench.

What Should I do After Mudslide Damage?

If your home still takes on the brunt of a mudslide, time is of the essence when it comes to restoration efforts. If you prolong taking action you may run the risk of developing a mold problem due to moisture getting trapped in your walls, under floors or in the cracks of your hardwood. When you contact a water damage restoration Connecticut company make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded to perform the right services and see to it they are available 24/7. The company you hire should offer a fast response time and a free estimate and inspection before they begin water extractions and cleanup services.

By following these tips you can become more alert to a potential mudslide disaster, and if you take action you may be able to save your home or more importantly your life from mudslide chide.

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