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Water Damage Connecticut: Water Proofing Your Home

Published by 911 Restoration Connecticut on June 23, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


There are three things you hope you never hear in an emergency call from home: (1) the towns people are accusing us of being witches, (2) a nice creature wants to take me into space for a ride and his spaceship is in our backyard and (3) what is the number for a professional water damage Connecticut company to perform water removal services due to the pipe burst that flooded our kitchen. While the first two examples are so remote they are ridiculous, all three of these scenarios have one thing in common: they pose total shock, confusion and horror. The following article will address ways you can prevent water damage from claiming your home and eliminating your need to ever call for certified water damage Connecticut flood restoration services from a roof leak, plumbing problem, or storm damage.

Preventing Water Damage from Storms

Water damage from storms can be highly devastating. Just look at a report from ABC news in which flood damage destroyed homes and businesses across 35 counties in the state of Minnesota creating an urgent plea for Federal aid. When rain storms strike you run the risk of experiencing the following:


  • Roof leaks
  • Crawl space flooding
  • Basement flooding
  • Exterior damage
  • Window and door damage
  • Interior flooding
  • Mold growth


Any pro water damage Connecticut company will tell you to start by checking your rook for bulging, cracked or tattered shingles and look for uneven areas. If you spot these signs call a roofer to perform a more advanced inspection. You should also install sump pumps in your basement and crawl space to remove water in the event of a flood. Make sure your gutters are cleaned out and your downspouts are aimed away from the house so water has a place to travel to that won’t cause any damage. Finally, check all your windows and doors for gaps. Moisture can enter in through window frames and cause mold damage and rot the wood. All too often water damage Connecticut companies are called to perform mold removal services due to minimal moisture entering through gaps in the window area. Remember, even minuscule amounts of moisture can cause massive damage.

Preventing Water Damage from Plumbing

Pipes can leak and burst causing extensive water damage. Furthermore, a toilet overflow can flood your bathroom and cause severe damage to your floor. Start by inspecting your pipes. However, if you hate crawling through tight places where dirt and spiders reside you can call a water damage Connecticut pro to come out and look for you. If you see any bulging in your pipes, rust, cracks or leaks you will need a pro to come out anyway and make repairs.

You should also check your toilet, faucets and drains in the home. If your toilet can rock off its base you will need to have it firmly attached; otherwise water could leak out at the base. Install a sewage backflow valve to prevent returning water from creating a flood, and make sure your faucets aren’t dripping. Also, make sure all water can drain properly. By following this “water damage to do” checklist, your chances of having to call a water damage Connecticut company in the future are greatly reduced. Stay safe!

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